‘New college team’ Daedeok University baseball team, U-League ‘officially launched’

Daedeok University, a ‘university baseball new team’ that recruited baseball members starting with the manager announcement last year, is steadily preparing for the season.

Daedeok University, which had already appointed Jeon Dae-young as former Hanwha Eagles fostering director through the director’s open recruitment, recently delivered the news that he had left for Jeonnam Yeonggwang for training. Rumor has it that it has risen to the level where it can hold competitions by welcoming transfer students, mainly high school students who graduated last year.

스포츠토토 However, since it is a new team, the fact that there are still many things to improve is something that the coaching staff is also aware of.

Accordingly, Daeduk University recruited former Hanwha Eagles scout team leader Jeong Yeong-ki, who was in charge of batting coach and instructor at Yeongdong University in Gangneung. The position is ‘instructor’, just like when he was at Yeongdong University, and he plans to provide assistant guidance for batting, running, and defense using long-term skills during his active career.

Daeduk University plans to hold an inauguration ceremony after inviting guests from all walks of life on February 1st after the field training.

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