Oh Jae-il reversal Manrupo… Samsung Lions heading towards full formation

The Samsung Lions, who were on the verge of a losing streak, won a thrilling come-from-behind victory with Oh Jae-il’s dramatic full blow.

On the 26th, in the second game of the weekend’s three-game series against the Kiwoom Heroes at Daegu Samsung Lions Park, the Samsung Lions won 6-5 with Oh Jae-il’s 9th home run of the season and his 8th personal home run in the bottom of the 8th inning, which was trailing 5-2. take care of

The two teams, who continued the game in a tense atmosphere from the beginning of the game, showed a 1-1 pitcher battle until the 5th inning, and Kiwoom succeeded in attacking Baek Jung-hyun first.

Kiwoom, who made a chance with a hit by lead batter Dawson in the top of the 6th inning, took the lead, and also scored consecutive hits to pitcher Woo Gyu-min, who had changed, and added 4 points to win.

At the end of the 7th inning, Samsung pursued a run with a sacrifice fly by Kim Seong-yoon in the safe 1st and 3rd base chance created by Kang Han-wool and Kim Hyun-joon’s consecutive hits, but the sense of crisis of losing streak increased as they failed to score an additional run, and Kiwoom scored 2 runs in 7 innings. After taking charge, he lowers the Rado and starts the bullpen.

At the bottom of the 8th inning, when Sung-Hyun Moon took the mound, Samsung literally made an ‘8th inning of promise’. Lee Jae-hyun and Kim Ji-chan walked on base, Kiwoom Lee Myung-jong and Kang Min-ho got on base safely, and Samsung pulled out a pinch hitter Oh Jae-il card, and it hit.

Samsung, who won with a thrilling come-from-behind home run, widened the gap to 9th place Hanwha Eagles, who lost 5 games in a row, to 1 game, and is chasing 7th place Lotte Giants, who recorded 6 consecutive losses, by 3.5 games.

On the mound, Baek Jung-hyun did not win, but Kim Tae-hoon, who showed good pitching until the 5th inning and was in charge of the game at the end, got his 6th win of the season, and Oh Seung-hwan, who finished the game, got his 22nd save.메이저놀이터

For Samsung, where batters are active and the stability of the mound is increasing, Oh Jae-il’s home run, which was disappointing in his role as a central hitter, gradually revived, and the team at the end of the season is heading toward a complete team.

Oh Jae-il, who needs a role as a hitter who can hit a shot at the moment he needs it, restarted his home run four in 50 days against KIA on the 20th, and hit an important shot again in 3 games. are holding

Samsung, which is aiming for a winning streak and a winning series following the spirit of a pleasant come-from-behind victory, announced Won Tae-in as the starter in the last game of the weekend 3 series, and Kim Seon-gi will start to mound the opponent.
(Photo courtesy of Samsung Lions)

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