Only a gap of 5 pennies and 3 li with second place in batting, 40% challenge Araes’ solo season

Luis Araes of the Major League (MLB) Miami hit 2 hits in 4 at bats against Atlanta on the 3rd (Korean time), raising his batting average to 0.389. Since Ted Williams in 1941, the area of ​​’40% batting average’, which has not been there for 82 years, is still in sight.

It’s not an easy goal. However, Araes is having an unrivaled season. He is also a record that will go down in history in terms of not allowing competition.

The second in hitting behind Araes is Ronald Acuna Jr. of Atlanta. As of the 3rd, he has a batting average of 0.336. It’s a great result, but the gap with Araes, who is in first place, is big. Araes leads by 0.053. Even compared to history, there has never been a season where the difference between the 1st and 2nd places in batting was this large. According to’s theorem, Dave Parker’s 0.338 was the most in the 1977 season when Rod Curyu ranked first with 0.388, a difference of 0.05.

In 1941, when Ted Williams had a batting average of .406, second-place Cecil Travis had a batting average of .359. This is a difference of 0.047. His league average batting average that year was 0.261. The average batting average so far this season, when Araes is aiming for a .400 batting average, is 0.248.

Araes has an adjusted batting average (AVG+) of 155. It is a score converted by setting the league average to 100. This means that his batting average is 1.55 times better than the average hitter. reported that the adjusted batting average of 155 was not a record since 1900.메이저사이트 said, “Arae is facing a fast ball approaching 160 km/h, a breaking ball that disappears in front of his eyes, and an offensive from fresh relievers.” Ted Williams’ great record cannot be underestimated, but it is a story that Araes is challenging himself in such a harsh environment.

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