‘Pohang → Uijeongbu’ The fan heart that ran for 10 hours was rewarded… “A great gift for my son”

There is a fan heart that has traveled a long way from Pohang to Uijeongbu, which takes 10 hours round trip by train.

KB Insurance introduced the story of Noh Ji-hyun, who was selected for the ‘Membership Fan Home Game Escort’ event on the 4th.

Noh Ji-hyun is a KB Insurance fan living in Pohang. His son, Kim Min-seo, who is about to become a middle school student, is a big fan of Hwang Taek-ui.

Weekend men’s volleyball starts at 2:00 p.m. In October of last year, Mr. Roh made his first visit to the Uijeongbu Gymnasium with his son on the first car at 7:00 in Pohang. He saw his son’s happy face, but it was not easy to visit again considering the 10-hour round trip and the considerable expenditure.

Mr. Noh said, “On days when there is a KB Insurance match, my son cheers so hard that his hands are wet with sweat.” 토토사이트

KB Insurance extended a helping hand. We received a contest for a story from fans who joined KB Stars membership, and Mr. Noh was selected. Mr. Noh and Minseo-gun were provided with a round-trip KTX service between Pohang and Seoul, as well as pick-up service at a nearby subway station, meals, seats in the Green Zone, and a photo opportunity with Hwang Taek-eui, before the OK Financial Group exhibition on the 4th. The Green Zone is a unique space located in the middle of the Uijeongbu Gymnasium. The seats and other spaces are spacious, and the cushions are decorated with a more comfortable environment. It is truly a dream-like day for the mother and father.

Coincidentally, on this day, KB Insurance won a cool victory against 4th place OK Financial Group. Two consecutive victories following the previous Woori Card match. It climbed to the 30-point high and caught up with our card in 3rd place with a difference of 9 points. At the beginning of the season, they suffered the pain of 8 consecutive league losses, including all losses in the 2nd round, but with the recruitment of a new foreign player, Viyena, and the return of Hwang Taek-eui, the entire team is on the rise. Local players such as Hwang Gyeong-min, Han Seong-jung, Park Jin-woo, and Jeong Min-soo are also hot.

Mr. Roh and his mother arrived at the Uijeongbu Gymnasium at around 11:00 am that day, had lunch, and sat in comfortable seats in the Green Zone to warmly cheer for KB Insurance.

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