PXG opens ‘PXG: Graphite’ in Dogok-dong new building

The PXG Dogok store previously operated by PXG was relocated to the first floor of the new PXG building in Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and opened as ‘PXG:Graphite’ on the 12th.

PXG Graphite is a brand exclusive store located on the first floor of the new PXG building completed last year. The interior is luxuriously decorated in black and white, PXG’s signature colors. The store name, PXG Graphite, defines the mood of black color that PXG pursues through ‘graphite’. Graphite, a pure mineral material, is a noble and highly pure material that absorbs light and reflects only the minimum amount of light, humbly revealing its own texture. A brand official said, “We wanted to reexamine the essential value of the brand and heighten the spatial experience with elements of paradoxical materials that are heavy and light.”

In the two private fitting bays located inside the store, fitting of all clubs from driver to putter is possible, and it is operated on a pre-booking basis through wired and Naver channels.

A brand official said, “The newly relocated and opened PXG Graphite head office store wanted to express a different brand identity from a new space while showing the existing brand heritage. With the feeling of being in an art exhibition space, it provides value and value to consumers. I hope it will be reborn as a space where I can convey my interest.” 슬롯사이트

Meanwhile, various promotions are planned to commemorate the new opening of PXG Graphite.

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