Real Madrid’s ‘super-large recruitment’ was successful…”The best talent.” Bellingham has it.

Real Madrid have made a huge deal. Several big clubs have embraced Jude Bellingham (20), who has long been engaged in recruitment wars. Depending on the option, a transfer fee of up to 133.9 million euros (about 185.3 billion won) will be incurred.

Real Madrid officially announced the recruitment of Bellingham on the 14th (Korea Standard Time). The contract period is six years until 2029. According to the Dortmund club and local reports, the basic transfer fee alone is 103 million euros 토토사이트 (about 142.6 billion won). If various options are met in the future, the transfer fee will soar up to 133.9 million euros.

It’s a huge transfer fee considering Bellingham was born in 2003. In terms of basic transfer fees alone, it ranks second in the club’s history after Eden Hazard. If options based on the team’s performance are activated, it can become the No. 1 transfer fee in the club’s history.

This means that he has the “greatest talent ever.” In fact, Bellingham is also a key midfielder for the England national team, which is already full of famous stars. He has been a member of the English national team since 2020 when he was 17 years old after serving as a representative by age. He also participated in Euro 2020 in 2020 and the Qatar World Cup last year.

After playing for the Birmingham City Youth Team, he made his professional debut in the English Championship (Part 2) during the 2019-20 season. Since his first professional debut season, he has played in 41 league games and attracted attention as a divinity. He moved to Dortmund the following year and drew attention as a world-class talent. He played 132 games for Dortmund in three seasons, scoring 24 goals and 25 assists.

Of course, many big clubs’ love calls poured into the “class,” which shows regardless of their young age. This is because the potential is simply endless. In the same vein, the CIES under FIFA set Bellingham’s market value at up to 200 million euros (about 267.8 billion won). He is tied for third place in the world and No. 1 among athletes born after 2002. In other words, he was evaluated as an all-time talent.

Real Madrid, with Tony Cross and Luka Modric in the midfield, slowly needed a generational change of midfielders. This is why he worked hard to recruit Bellingham, who is considered an all-time talent. In the end, Real Madrid embraced Bellingham at an all-time transfer fee. The annual salary is reported to be between 10 million and 12 million euros (about 13.9 billion won to 16.7 billion won). He focused on midfielders born in the 2000s, including Orelien Chouameni born in 2000 and Eduardo Camavinga born in 2002.

Locally, Bellingham is expected to be placed in the right midfielder of the 4-3-3 type along with Modric and Cross. However, as Bellingham is so versatile, he expects to play his role in any position in the midfield. “Bellingham is versatile enough to play the same in any position,” Football Transfers said. He explained, “Whatever position you are put into, it will play a big role.” Bellingham is scheduled to hold a press conference after an official joining ceremony at 7 p.m. Korean time on the 15th.

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