Received lessons from the three-time Cy Young great pitcher…A meaningful English meeting between the destroyer of the KBO ecosystem and the future KBO young gun.

NC Dinos Eric Peddie (30) is showing off his might as an ‘ecosystem destroyer’ in the KBO League. 

He was selected by the Washington Nationals as the first pick in the 2014 Major League Baseball Draft and was an active Major Leaguer who was in the full-time starting rotation until last year. Among foreign players who have played in the KBO league so far, Peddie has one of the best careers, and his teammates were also outstanding. In particular, representative pitchers who played in Washington with Peddie include big pitcher Max Scherzer (39, Texas Rangers), who won three Cy Young Awards and recorded 3,365 strikeouts in the third inning, and Stephen Strasburg (2019 World Series MVP), who is currently stigmatized as a fraud, 35, retired), etc. The know-how and teachings received from them are also being spread to the KBO League. 

Peddie said, “I tried to ask as many questions as possible to many seniors in the major leagues, including Scherzer, Strasburg, and Gio Gonzalez, and I got that much. I want to give back what I received from Korea as much as I received from my seniors. I answered all the questions from my fellow pitchers. “I will try to answer sincerely,” he explained. 

Peddie’s teachings to NC’s young pitchers as well as KBO League representative Young-Geon also reached Young-Geon of other clubs. In particular, Moon Dong-ju (20), the future of Hanwha and the future of the KBO League, wanted to spend time with Peddie, and the time was provided. From August 15th to 17th, a meeting between Peddie and Moon Dong-ju took place ahead of Hanwha’s expedition to Changwon. The day before the first game of the series was held (14th), a meeting between Peddie and Moon Dong-ju took place somewhere in Changwon. A Hanwha scout and a Peddie Agency executive arranged a meeting between the two players. 

Looking back on the meeting at the time, Peddie said, “Moon Dong-ju seemed like a friend with a strong will to learn baseball. So the dinner was arranged. We talked a lot about baseball while sitting together,” he said. “I shared my know-how in this way with the hope of becoming the best in the field,” he explained.

He continued, “I think that if the things I taught come from Dong-ju Moon, the league will grow further and baseball will become more fun. With that in mind, I shared my know-how,” and said, “I shared my know-how with Dong-ju Moon in the hope that he will become the best ace in the league.” He added that he had passed it on. 

However, what surprised Peddie was Moon Dong-ju’s English skills. Peddie said, “Moon Dong-ju was so good at English that communication related to baseball wasn’t a big problem. I shared as much as I could about my knowledge of playing baseball in the major leagues for 10 years, and Moon Dong-ju also asked a lot of questions about pitching.” did. 

Moon Dong-ju honed his English at an English kindergarten when he was young and is known to have no hesitation in communicating with Hanwha foreign players. Fedi did not hide his surprise at this point. 

He also emphasized to the NC players, “Rather than keeping my secrets, I am trying to answer what I have as honestly as possible.” Peddie plans to release everything he has experienced through continuous development into the KBO League. NC pitchers will be given priority, but if the opportunity arises, many Korean pitchers hope to gain their know-how. The approaching players do not object and say they are always open to discussions related to baseball. 바카라사이트

Peddie’s ultimate goal is to return to the major leagues, and there is actually a lot of interest from major league clubs. However, his love for the KBO league and Korea was genuine. In a recent interview with the Washington Post, he said, “When I get older and retire, I’ll be really happy that I played in Korea. It’ll be really fun to look back on everything.” Just as he puts forth his best effort on the mound, Peddie is passionate about Korean baseball and treats it with sincerity. The English meeting with Moon Dong-ju became one of his representative examples.

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