Return of summer recruits imminent… 5 games in August alone, Pohang ranked 2nd, ‘Challenge’

 Pohang Steelers enter second place ‘Suseong’.

Pohang, led by coach Kim Ki-dong, finished July in second place. They are on a two-game winning streak by defeating Jeju United (4-2 win) and Jeonbuk Hyundai (2-1 win). It secured 44 points in 24 league games, widening the gap with 3rd place FC Seoul (37 points) to 7 points. Seoul has consolidated its second place by only winning 1 win (2 draws and 2 losses) in the last 5 matches.

Coach Kim set up a strategy to ‘endure’ in July. This is because Pohang’s key resources such as Jeong Jae-hee, Kim Jong-woo, Shim Sang-min, and Shin Kwang-hun all left due to injuries. Still, Pohang actively utilized resources under the age of 22 (U-22) and minimized this gap by changing the positions of some players.토토사이트

After the July break, Pohang resumes its league schedule with a round 25 match against FC Seoul on the 4th. It is a match with 6 points because it is a match for 2nd and 3rd places. If Seoul wins, the gap between the two teams will be reduced to 4 points again. The good news for Pohang is the return of the injured. Not all of the injured will return, but one after another.

Above all, it is nice to see Jung Jae-hee and Kim Jong-woo join. Jeong Jae-hee, who wore the Pohang uniform last season, is a resource with explosive speed and reckless breakthrough. He gained momentum early this season, scoring two goals in six games. He completely melted into Pohang football. With Jung Jae-hee’s departure, Baek Seong-dong, Kim Seung-dae, and Kim In-seong alternately filled the spot, but Jung Jae-hee is a different style. If he uses it as a ‘joker’ card in the second half until his physical strength is completely restored, he can exert considerable power. Baek Seong-dong and Kim Seung-dae, who had a lot of time to play, also have the effect of stamina arrangement.

The same goes for Kim Jong-woo. Kim Jong-woo is a midfielder brought in as a replacement for Shin Jin-ho (Incheon United). At the beginning of this season, along with Oberdan, he was the core of Pohang’s midfield. Kim Jong-woo’s ability to de-pressurize and develop attacks was a great help to Pohang. However, competition is inevitable because Han Chan-hee, who was brought in in the summer, and Kim Jun-ho, a U-22 resource, filled the gap of Kim Jong-woo well. Depending on the occasion, there is a possibility that Kim Jong-woo, who is excellent at participating in the attack, will be deployed forward.

In addition, the return of Shim Sang-min, a built-in left-sided defender, is a great boost. The number of opportunities to participate and the use of the wandelson, which has raised the physical condition, will also increase. Needless to say, multiplayer Shin Kwang-hoon, who plays the role of ‘mental support’, joins the team. Pohang will play five games in August alone, including the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup. Pohang, which kept its second place despite the departure of the main players, is now challenging ‘Suseong’ with summer recruits.

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