Shinsegae preparing for the new season as a central defender “Thanks to manager Kim Do-gyun, I am confident”

Suwon FC, which gave fans pleasure with their own style of shouting ‘attack forward’ for the past two years, still emphasizes ‘attack’ this year. In order for Suwon FC to once again achieve more than expected results and box office success with aggressive football, the defense’s help is absolutely necessary.

Suwon FC coach Kim Do-kyun, who is aware of this, also recruited three central defenders this winter alone, Lee Jae-seong, Kim Hyun-hun, and Park Byung-hyun, to stabilize the defense. Along with the new defenders, coach Kim is pinning his hopes on Shin Se-gye (33), who showed impressive performance last season by transforming from a side defender into a central defender.

Shinsegae, who left Gangwon FC last year and joined Suwon FC, changed his position to a central defender he had never experienced before. Shinsegae, who made his professional debut as a side defender, had experience as a defensive midfielder and a stopper in three backs during Sangmu and Gangwon days, but it was his first time playing the role of a central defender in a four back.

Shinsegae, who has been active on the professional stage since 2011, has a lot of experience and has excellent position understanding, and the result of the position change was quite successful. After Shinsegae changed his position to a central defender, Suwon FC was evaluated as having a sense of stability in the back by recording two consecutive scoreless matches. Head coach Kim Do-kyun gave a passing grade and included Shinsegae in the central defender competition this season.먹튀검증

It is a positional change that he faced when he was in his mid-30s, but Shinsegae is happily accepting it.

Shinsegae, who is currently training in Jeju Island, recently met with News 1 and said, “I’ve been playing a central defender since last year, and it fits my aptitude. There is another fun. I really wanted to say thank you to the coach.” I’m preparing. I want to continue playing as a central defender because I showed my competitiveness.”

Shinsegae’s height is 178 cm, which is not tall for a central defender. It is a disappointing height for a central defender who has to compete with opponent strikers countless times for aerial balls. In the K-League 1, there are many strikers who are strong in the air ball with their height and strength, such as Edgar (Daegu), Cho Kyu-seong, Gustavo (above Jeonbuk), and Martin Adam (Ulsan).

But Shinsegae doesn’t care much. Shinsegae said, “You can judge that it can be difficult to play as a central defender just by looking at your height. However, I am confident in my physical fights and competition for positions. Last season, I also competed with tall strikers, but there was no major difficulty. I think it is worth trying.” showed confidence.

He continued, “I am confident that new defenders with good abilities have joined the team. The coach has also watched me over the past year and entrusted me with the role of central defender. It’s my role to take good care of my body so that I don’t lose weight. I’m taking care of myself more than ever before.”

Shinsegae is showing more progress than last year in the second year of Suwon FC. In the last 2021, Suwon FC ranked 5th and recorded the highest ranking of the club. However, in 2022, it was regrettable that it only ranked 7th while allowing 6 more goals than the previous season.

Shinsegae, who was responsible for the team’s defense, is also responsible for the drop in the rankings and the most runs.

Shinsegae said, “All the players, including me, are awakening in the defensive part. The coach and the coaching staff are also paying more attention to defense this season.” He orders and instructs the defenders more, such as line control and build-up when switching offenses.”

He continued, “I plan to help the strikers attack with peace of mind by paying attention to the defense as much as possible. He cried. It’s a big motivation. I couldn’t make it to Split A last season, but this year, I’ll show a different side of me to record better results than that,” he said, revealing his trumpeted determination.

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