Silently and heavily… Brion wins 2nd set

Brion was heavy and stable, but powerful. Brion won the second set and matched the set score to 1:1.

Brion scored early in the second set. In the 3-on-3 battle with the bot line, Seong-hyeon “Umti” Eom didn’t die easily, so he became a variable, and Hanwha Life’s bot duo and jungler were all knocked out. Brion clearly took the lead. Mid laner Kim “Karis” Hong-jo’s Akali gained a kill and grew rapidly, and Park “Morgan” Lu-han’s Xanteh single-handedly caught Sion in the top lane.

Brion led by more than 3,000 gold in 20 minutes of game time. The dragon stack was also quickly built up, creating a very advantageous flow. He made the second death by relentlessly aiming for Azir of Kim “Zekka” Gun-woo, the core of Hanwha Life and one of the second-half carries. For Hanwha Life Insurance, the only consolation was that Jerry of Park “Viper” Do-hyeon, a long-distance dealer, got a little more CS than Brion’s Lucian.

The power gap was revealed in the fourth dragon. As Brion’s Akali burrowed into Hanwha Life’s back line, there was no one to stop it. Brion lost the fourth dragon, but benefited greatly by acquiring many kills and the Baron buff afterwards. 온라인카지노

The match was decided by the Elder Dragon. Hanwha Life Insurance was in a situation where it had to fight in the Elder Dragon in the end. Brion won the Elder Dragon teamfight and won the second set.

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