Songchan leaving again in a week, “It’s hard, but I’m satisfied because I’ve learned”

There is no doubt about his skills. Now is the time to unleash your potential.

Song Chan-eui (24, LG Twins), who dreams of leaping forward in the new season, will start quenching in Arizona, USA.

On the 30th, LG left for the US, a spring camp site, via Incheon International Airport.

Song Chan-eui also boarded the plane. Song Chan-eui, who was going to camp overseas for the first time, expressed excitement, saying, “I am both nervous and excited.”

He’s having a busy winter. Song Chan-eui played in the Australian Professional Baseball League (ABL) wearing a Geelong Korea uniform during the off-season.

Song Chan-eui, who returned to Korea on the 23rd after finishing the Australian league, is heading back to the United States in a week. “It’s a lie if I say it’s not difficult,” said Song Chan-ui, who laughed and said, “I went to Australia because I still wanted to learn. I’m satisfied because I came here to learn.”

In the Australian league he participated in to gain experience, Song Chan-eui stood out with his strength, the bat. He recorded a batting average of 0.324 (33 hits in 102 at-bats), 7 homers and 24 RBIs in 28 games. 온라인바카라

Song Chan-eui explained, “There were many pitchers who threw various pitches. There were many pitchers who threw fast balls and breaking pitches, so I learned how to fight or wait at the plate.”

Last spring, Song Chan-eui was the hottest hitter in the KBO League. He caught his eye in an exhibition game, sending six batted balls over the fence.

Unfortunately, his demonstration game performance did not carry over into the regular season. Song Chan-eui played in 33 games last year with a batting average of 0.236, 3 home runs and 10 RBIs.

Song Chan-eui, who looked back on last season, analyzed, “I think I became impatient because I didn’t get results at the bat. He seemed to have an effect of being aggressive and not waiting.”

He continued, “He will be aggressive this year, but he is going to practice thinking that there will be good results if he waits at bat.”

Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop, who took the LG baton, is planning to use Song Chan-eui as first or second baseman.

Song Chan-eui is determined to overcome the competition in any position. He said, “I went out to the outfield (before), and I have played various defenses as first baseman and second baseman,” and said, “I try to do my best in the role given to me. .

His flying experience in Australia is a great source of strength ahead of a new start.

Song Chan-eui emphasized, “I came because of my confidence. He must try to do better in the future.”

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