Spicy cooled ‘Backdoor’ Brion 1st set victory

Brion won the first set with a backdoor. The spiciness of his nongshim constantly tormented Brion’s tongue, but Brion’s instant judgment cooled his opponent’s stimulating taste.

At the start of the match, Fiora and Maokai seriously messed up the opponent’s Vi’s jungling. Brion gained an advantage by succeeding in the bottom dive based on the jungle initiative. Brion’s next target, Renekton, was also knocked out. In the meantime, Nongshim succeeded in hunting the messenger and dragon. Park Geun-woo’s Renekton, who was like a thorn in the eye to Brion, also recorded a kill with Bai. A tense situation in many ways. 카지노사이트

The match fluctuated greatly at the timing of the third dragon. Brion conceded the dragon for top and mid pressure, and it seemed to benefit one-sidedly by making the opponent’s defense force come back greatly. In response, Nongshim introduced a spicy taste. Immediately after giving up the mid turret, he bit Brion and scored a number of kills. Afterwards, just before the dragon, Renekton and Vi’s lightning flash initiating play to drive the opponent away was also excellent.

Nongshim hit the jackpot in a situation where you could get bored. Renekton of ‘Strong’ killed Fiora solo, and the main unit completely subdued the opponent who was hunting Baron and running away. Nongshim continued its momentum and won a complete victory in the bot joining match, accumulating 4 dragon stacks. Not to be outdone by this, Brion also succeeded in encircling the opponent who had been hitting Baron.

The first set, which was tense for both teams, ended with Brion winning. In the confrontation with the elder dragon, Park Lu-han’s ‘Morgan’ Fiora succeeded in opening the back door. Nongshim was unable to send his defense troops because he was concentrating on the main battle.

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