‘Still a younger brother’ Ronaldo invites four Manchester United teammates for farewell party

Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nasr), who left Manchester United, is preparing a farewell party with his former teammates. 안전놀이터

British media ‘Talk Sports’ reported on the 30th (Korean time) that “Ronaldo invited four of his Manchester United teammates to say goodbye.”

In 2021, Ronaldo and Manchester United reunited after 12 years. It was a reunion with symbolism and speciality, but the ending was not beautiful.

A spark flew between Ronaldo, who requested a transfer, and manager Eric Ten Hag, who was tasked with rebuilding the famous family. Conflicts surfaced on several occasions.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo, who left Manchester United first to participate in the World Cup, conducted an interview criticizing his team and coach Ten Hag. Eventually, Manchester United ended their reunion by terminating the contract with Ronaldo during the World Cup.

The situation that unfolded during the selection period for the national team was not properly organized. In particular, it is said that Ronaldo did not even say goodbye to his Manchester United teammates.

The media explained, “Ronaldo is planning to say goodbye to some players. He invited four players to a vacation,” and explained that the players in question were Bruno Fernandez, Harry Maguire, Casemiro and Rafael Varane.

Currently, Ronaldo is known to be building a luxurious home outside Lisbon, Portugal. He is pushing for a meeting here or in Saudi Arabia.

The media quoted ‘The Sun’ and conveyed the words of an insider of Manchester United. “Right now, there are a few players at Manchester United who still admire Ronaldo.

An official explained, “Recently, Ronaldo left the ‘Whatsapp’ messenger room with Manchester United players. However, he promised to keep in touch with a few players. He will invite them to Lisbon or Saudi Arabia to watch his matches.” did.

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