Suwon FC celebrates ’20th anniversary’, coach Kim Do-gyun says “it’s important from now on” .

At the team’s 20th anniversary celebration, Suwon FC head coach Kim Do-gyun emphasized the importance of “now” for a bright future.

Suwon FC held its 20th anniversary ceremony at the Ramada Hotel in Suwon on March 30. More than 400 people attended the ceremony, including the club’s owner, Suwon Special Mayor Lee Jae-jun, Suwon City Council, sponsors, and other guests, as well as the team, including head coach Kim Do-gyun and Suwon FC Wimin coach Park Gil-young, and the club’s supporters.

Suwon FC was founded in 2003 as the Suwon City Hall Football Club and participated in the Unemployment League. Ten years later, in 2013, the club officially changed its name to Suwon FC, participating in the K League Challenge (K League 2) and declaring its full-fledged professionalization.

In 2015, under former coach Cho Deok-je, the team finished second in the K-League 2 and won promotion, only to be relegated again within a season, but since 2020, when Kim Do-gyun took the helm, the team has been on a solid footing.

Under Kim’s leadership, the team finished second in the 2020 season, earning promotion after four seasons. The 2021 season saw the departure of core players Ahn Byung-jun and Masa, but the team continued to rack up points with its signature “attacking soccer” style.

The team reached Final A for the first time in its history, and last season, despite narrowly missing out on Final A, the team finished seventh and became a team not to be taken lightly. It was a year in which Kim’s communication and leadership shone through.

At the event, Kim said, “It’s a short history, but it’s our 20th anniversary. I think we are doing well in the K League 1, but it is important from 메이저사이트 now on. We need to maintain and develop the present to have a future.” He added, “This is a good place to remember the good times. I have a great desire to build a team that can create more good memories and memories in the future.”

Owner Lee Jae-jun also said, “I am overwhelmed. I’ve been living in Suwon for nearly 40 years and have witnessed how soccer has developed. Congratulations on your 20th anniversary.”

The event started with a congratulatory performance by the Suwon City Performing Arts Center, followed by a video commemorating the 20th anniversary and congratulatory messages. He then presented plaques of merit to Suwon FC contributors Kim Yong-seo and Yeom Tae-young, former Suwon FC owners, Kim Chun-ho, former Suwon FC chairman, and Kim Chang-gyeom and Cho Deok-je, former Suwon FC managers, and a plaque of appreciation to Byun Seok-hwa, chairman of Hummel Korea, who has been sponsoring the team with clothing and goods since 2014.

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