‘The best’ 2nd line, the weakest front line… In the end, the answer is ‘one team’?

Hwang Seon-hong, coach of “The Stork,” unveiled the final Asian Games roster after much thought.

The Korea Football Association announced the final list of men’s soccer teams for the Hangzhou Asian Games on the 14th at the Soccer Hall in Jongno-gu, Seoul. Hwang Seon-hong, coach of the Asian Games national team, came out alone and explained the reason for the 22-member roster.

Following the 2014 Incheon Asian Games and the 2018 Jakarta/Palembang Games, coach Hwang Seon-hong, who is on the hunt for three consecutive gold medals, explained the background of the final list in a cautious yet sometimes confident voice at the press conference.

Coach Hwang Seon-hong, who selected Kang-in Lee (Paris Saint-Germain), who drew the most attention, answered honestly. Coach Hwang said, “When (Lee Kang-in) belonged to Mallorca, the drafting discussions were over, but the situation changed dramatically because of his transfer (to PSG).” We have to coordinate,” he said.

Second-line resources, such as Baek Seung-ho (Jeonbuk), Lee Kang-in, Jung Woo-yeong (Stuttgart), Song Min-gyu (Jeonbuk), and Hong Hyun-seok (Ghent), who were selected as wild cards, were included in the list announced on the day. As coach Hwang said, the second-line resources are ‘the best ever’, and even compared to the previous Asian Games list, you can feel the weight enough to not be easily pushed.

On the other hand, unlike the prospect that at least one member of the attacking team would use a wild card, Park Jae-yong (Anyang) and Ahn Jae-joon (Bucheon) were listed on the roster, resulting in a somewhat unexpected reaction. As if conscious of this, coach Hwang confessed, “It’s hard to tell all of them here, but I contacted all the strikers. Among the domestic players, Ju Min-gyu (Ulsan) was there, and I coordinated it until the last minute. But it was not successful.”

Still, coach Hwang said, “I decided on the roster with all of that in mind. I think the strikers (Park Jae-yong and Ahn Jae-jun) that I have chosen now are not far behind. If they show their abilities in the finals, they will show good performances.” showed

Following the questions from the reporters at the press conference, soccer fans were obviously curious about the final list released that day. However, before mentioning the players after the press conference, coach Hwang said, “There were three criteria for selecting players. The first is (player’s) recent performance, the second is multi-ability, and the third is collaboration ability.”

And finally, coach Hwang said, “All decisions are over. I believe in the players and (if the result is bad) I take responsibility. (Me and the coaching staff) prepare and do everything so that the players can play soccer happily on the field. I will do my best to make it happen. I ask for your support,” he said and left the seat.메이저도메인

Former coach Paulo Bento, who led the A team until the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, had a critical voice until just before the World Cup as he pushed forward at his own will without any major changes in players and tactics for four years. Even so, he did not bend his will, and then commentator Han Jun-hee, who is currently the vice-president of the Korea Football Association, said, “Now is the time to cheer, not criticize.”

In a similar context to Vice Chairman Han Jun-hee’s remarks at the time, coach Hwang asked for a lot of support, so now it’s time to support the players and see what kind of performance Hwang Seon-hong will achieve in the tournament.

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