The goal was to win 5 wins…” Rebalanced by doubling, 10 wins if you add 4 wins… Then you’ll become the rookie of the year

 “The goal was 5 wins…”.

Yoon Young-cheol (19), a newcomer to the KIA Tigers, exceeded his goal. Now, naturally, we have no choice but to revise our goals. He is aiming straight up to Rookie of the Year with 10 wins. 

Yoon Young-cheol started the game against the Lotte Giants at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 29th and gave up only 1 hit (2 walks) in 6 innings, striking out 4 and pitching with no runs. He led the team to a 4-1 win, winning their sixth of the season. He had a good second half start with flawless pitching. 

The right-handed hit given to friend Kim Min-seok in the third inning was the only hit. It also did not cause a crisis by overpowering all subsequent hitters. In the 5th inning, he gave up a walk, but he induced a double kill by the shortstop in an unfavorable count against Han Dong-hee. The rest of the innings were deleted in an instant. It was his fifth quality start of the season and his first six scoreless innings.

Yoon Young-chul said, “I threw it for the first time in a long time, but I was in good condition and it was good pitching. My pitch was low. It was fine in the beginning, but when the attack time was a bit long in the middle, I should have blocked the next inning well, but the balance was slightly broken. The 5th and 6th innings I was not satisfied. I was lucky that most of the balls I hit went straight to the fielder,” he said. 

He gave up the only hit to Lotte’s Rookie of the Year competition, Kim Min-seok. “During high school, Minseok wasn’t good at left-handed hitters. He seems to be good at pros. Since we’re friends, it’s better if we grow together. He always thinks that he can catch it. It seems to be thrown,” he laughed. 

Yoon Young-cheol set a goal of 5 wins when he was selected as the starting pitcher ahead of the opening. However, he has already exceeded his target by winning six games. He is expected to start more than 10 times with a lot of games left in the second half. If you add 4 wins, you get 10 wins. You can come close to becoming the rookie of the year. He showed his motivation, saying, “He was confident that he could get the starting spot. The goal was 5 wins, but I’m satisfied with all of them. It would be nice if I could win twice (10 wins).” 

Even so, he thought of the team before himself. “The most important thing is for the team to win. When the team goes to a higher place, I can receive individual awards and more chances. The disappointment is also great. I will do my best by throwing well one game at a time. I have to throw at least one more game without getting hurt.” 메이저사이트

Manager Kim always says about Yoon Young-cheol, “I am very satisfied with 5 innings and 3 runs.” Now, he has gone beyond 5 innings to establish himself as a quality starter. “Yoon Young-cheol, who started in about 20 days, had the best pitching this season. He gave up only one hit and pitched a scoreless pitch without a major crisis in 6 innings. It is encouraging to see him continue to improve,” he raised his thumbs up.

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