The grand dream of the Vietnam Football Association, which broke up with coach Park Hang-seo, is the goal of advancing to the 2026 World Cup.

The Vietnam Football Association has agreed not to extend the contract with manager Park Hang-seo, whose contract expires on the 31st. Head coach Philippe Troussier will take over the helm and lead the Vietnam national team and the U23 national team.

Director Park Hang-seo’s achievements are too numerous to describe in words. It led Vietnam, which had stayed on the periphery in Southeast Asia, to become the strongest in Southeast Asia. He even won the 2018 ‘World Cup in Southeast Asia’ Suzuki Cup and won the Southeast Asian Games. For the first time in Vietnamese history, coach Park Hang-seo also achieved advancing to and winning the World Cup finals in Asia.

Director Park Hang-seo received the Vietnam 2nd class Labor Medal in 2020. He even received the Heunginjang of the Order of Diplomacy in 2022 and stood tall as the best star in Vietnam.

However, director Park Hang-seo raised the expectations of Vietnamese people too high. After appointing coach Trudeau, the Vietnam Football Association revealed its ambition to “aim for the 2026 World Cup finals for the first time in Vietnamese football history.”

It is good to dream big and have specific plans to develop your national team. However, the power of the Vietnamese national team is not at the top in Asia. In the final qualifiers, Vietnam showed a markedly insufficient ability to compete with Asia’s best team. Vietnam’s best ace, Nguyen Quang Hai, has advanced to Europe, but the reality is that he is not able to stand out in the French second division. Not to mention other players. 토토사이트

Starting from the 2026 World Cup in North and Central America, the total number of tickets to advance to the finals will increase to 48. Opportunities to participate are also increasing in Asia. However, it seems a bit unreasonable for Vietnam to seek an opportunity to compete with the world four years from now.

It is a great achievement of director Park Hang-seo that Vietnam has a bold aspiration to break the wall of Southeast Asia and compete with the world.

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