The most useless thing in the world is ‘Worrying about Lee Jung-hoo’, leading the victory with 4 hits in 4 at-bats 

 Kiwoom Heroes Lee Jung-hoo led the team to victory with 4 hits and 2 RBIs.

On the 1st, at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul,토토 가입머니 Kiwoom and SSG played the second game of a three-week series. Kiwoom lost to SSG the day before and had been on a losing streak to SSG in the Gocheok home game since August of last year. Kiwoom showed a particularly weak appearance when he met SSG.

Lee Jung-hoo was responsible for the team’s victory by making a big success with 4 hits and 2 RBIs in 4 at-bats. Kiwoom won SSG 6-3 and succeeded in escaping the losing streak before SSG.

On the first day of July, Lee Jung-hoo added 4 hits and his batting average rose to .301. His batting average is 12th in the league and his hits with 89 are tied for fourth in the league.

Lee Jung-hoo suffered a severe slump at the beginning of this season. He held his batting average in the low 20s through mid-May.

Lee Jung-hoo, who made his professional debut in 2017, has never had his batting average fall below 30.3 every year since 2017.

Last year, he also won the league MVP by leading the team to the Korean Series with 3 4 9 Lee, 23 homers and 113 RBIs.

After making his professional debut this year, Lee Jung-hoo had a sluggish early season. He tried to change his batting stance ahead of the season, but had to restore his batting stance again due to his sluggish hitting.

Lee Jung-hoo’s worries about poor batting were, of course, useless worries. After mid-May, Lee Jung-hoo raised his hitting sense and eventually returned to the 30% batting average on June 11th.

In the All-Star Game voting announced by the KBO on June 26 last month, Lee Jung-hoo took first place at the same time in fan votes (51.9%, 1,242,579 out of 2,392,236 votes) and team votes (77.7%, 276 out of 355 votes). .

It is the second time in history that Yang Eui-ji in the 2018 season ranked first in both the All-Star Game fan vote and team vote.메이저사이트

Lee Jung-hoo was selected as the best 12 for the 6th time in a row for 5 consecutive seasons with the most votes in the All-Star vote.

There were baseball fans who were worried about Lee Jung-hoo’s performance for a while, but the form of the national team’s ‘hitting genius’ did not change.

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