The offense develops, the defense reverses… ‘KC’s Hope’ Bobby Whit Jr.

In 2014-2015, the Kansas City Royals advanced to the World Series for two consecutive years. And in the 2015 World Series, they defeated the New York Mets and decorated a happy ending. It was the team’s second win after winning in 1985.

Kansas City was happy. But this happiness did not last long. The team couldn’t last long. Kansas City couldn’t afford to capture the key players who won the championship. The winning power was soon dismantled, and Kansas City also said goodbye to the hot days.

In 2017, Kansas City’s 50% win rate collapsed (80-82). It was the prelude to another dark age. The higher he climbed, the lower he fell. In 2018, he sat down with 104 losses, and in 2019 he suffered 103 losses. This year, they are also fighting the Oakland Athletics for the lowest place overall (Kansas City odds 0.320, Oakland 0.279). Since 2018, the team with the most losses in the major leagues is Kansas City.

Most losses since 2018

510 – Kansas City
495 – Detroit
494 – Baltimore
482 – Pittsburgh

Kansas City’s heyday may come again. New cores have to emerge and join forces, which is a task that requires a high degree of patience. Fortunately, Bobby Whit Jr., who has to be the vanguard of the cores, is showing the appearance of living up to expectations. Wit, who also added three hits on the 20th, raised his season batting average to 0.281.

2019 Draft Major Pick

1. Adley Luchman
2. Bobby Witt Jr.
3. Andrew Vaughn

11. Alec Manoa
16. Corbin Carroll
20. George Kirby
42. Gunner Henderson

Witt, who was the second overall pick in the 2019 draft, was ranked fourth in last year’s Rookie of the Year voting. He had a balance of power and speed as he recorded 20 home runs and 30 stolen bases in 150 games. Witt became the fifth player in major league history to hit 20 home runs and steal 30 bases. The player who set this record before Witt was Mike Trout in 2012. 1966 – Tommy Age (22 homers, 44 steals)

1977 – Mitchell Page (21 homers, 42 steals) 1987 – Divon White (24 homers, 32 steals) 2012 – Mike Trout (30 homers, 49 steals) 2022 – Bobby Witt Jr. (20 home runs, 30 steals) *This year, Corbin Carroll, 21 home runs, 37 steals, Witt’s weaknesses were also clear, such as showing a disappointing walk/strikeout ratio. He only had an on-base percentage of 0.294 due to his poor starting pitch. His walk-per-at-bat rate of 4.7% was the seventh lowest among regular at-bat hitters. New hitters who were overly aggressive and had poor ball-picking skills often hit their limits the following year. Witt was also very concerned about the 2nd year jinx.

Expectations were not wrong. Witt’s batting average remained at 0.228 through May. His walk-per-at-bats rate was 4.6% and his strikeout rate was 22.8%, nearly matching his last season’s record. He did not get on base as most of his on base was hits, so when his hitting feel was off. As a result, his on-base percentage was 0.266, the worst record in the American League until May (Teoscar Hernandez 0.268, Ryan Mountcastle 0.269).

Witt seemed to be sitting down like this. However, this expectation was wrong. He tuned his hitting feel in June, and has been making a big splash since July.

Contribution to Wins Since July (

3.0 – Bobby Witt Jr.
2.7 – Cody Bellinger
2.6 – Mookie Betts
2.6 – Julio Rodriguez
2.5 – Freddy Freeman

Doesn’t pick up as many walks as before. Since July, the walk rate per at-bat is still around 4.5%. However, the strikeout rate fell to 15.7%. He erased one weakness by focusing more on contact than before. His strategy of seeing the match before being pushed into unfavorable counts was also effective. Rather than obsessing over the hard-to-fix parts, he overcame the crisis by focusing on the parts he was good at.

It is highly likely that Witt’s attack power came from his changed mentality. Last year, the thing that suppressed Wit the most was the defense. As a shortstop, he committed a whopping 16 errors in 825⅔ innings pitched. He fell behind Javier Baez (0.954) and Beau Bisset (0.958) in fielding percentage of 0.959. The defense save (DRS), which indicates the prevention of defensive runs, was minus 18, which was the lowest among shortstops, and the OAA, which indicates outcounts against average, was minus 9, which was just ahead of the bottom among shortstops (JP Crawford OAA -11).

Wit, who was the worst defender on the surface, completely transformed this year. He played both shortstop and third base last season, but this year he only plays shortstop. His DRS is a disappointing figure at minus 1, but his plus 13 ranks second overall among shortstops in OAA (Dansby Swanson +14). As the confidence regained from defense led to offense, both offense and defense rose together.

According to ‘FOX Sports’, last winter Witt hired an individual hitting instructor and an infield defensive instructor. He had an extraordinary performance of 20 homers and 30 stolen bases, but he knew better that he couldn’t be satisfied. After realizing that the cause of his fielding errors was in the first step, he learned how to read the batted ball. He didn’t stop training until his body reacted immediately. In addition, mental management was also conducted to overcome trauma.

Many people didn’t notice, but Witt had already grown as a player. So he was able to bounce back without being shaken even in the early offensive sluggishness. Wit, who boasts terrifying speed without fail, completed the season with 20 home runs and 30 stolen bases for the second consecutive year (24 home runs and 36 stolen bases). Witt was the first to achieve 20 home runs -30 stolen bases in two consecutive seasons in his debut season.온라인카지노

At the time of the draft, Witt drew attention as the son of Bobby Witt, who had been active as a pitcher for 16 years in the major leagues. As a prospect, he was compared to Mike Trout for his batting form and style of play. It is an honor to be mentioned with his father, a former major leaguer, and the best player in the major leagues, but on the other hand, it is a considerable burden. At that time, Witt said, “It is important for me to keep the center as myself.”

So far, Witt’s season has been ‘development in offense, reversal in defense’. He’s making Kansas City fans laugh, which is why he has so few things to laugh about. It is more valuable because it is hope that blooms in despair.

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