The wrestling monster that ‘surpassed high school rivals’ stands tall as the true No. 1 player

Only now has he risen to the position of a true No. 1 player. ‘Monster’ Kim Min-jae (21, Yeongam-gun Folk Ssireum Troupe) surpassed rival and best friend in high school and continued to win the sandboard.

On the 27th, Kim Min-jae beat Seong-min Choi (Taean-gun Office) 3 to 1 in the Baekdu Jangsa (under 140kg) final match (3 wins in 5 rounds) of the ‘Withers Pharmaceuticals 2023 Folk Ssireum Mungyeong Master Ssireum Competition’ held at Mungyeong Indoor Gymnasium in Mungyeong City, Gyeongsangbuk-do. Until last month’s Lunar New Year’s Day tournament, he won all two tournaments this year.

In particular, Kim Min-jae vomited the spirit of climbing the flower palanquin in all four folk wrestling competitions. Kim Min-jae rose to the first Baekdu in her life at the Dano Competition last year when she was a sophomore at Ulsan University, and in December, she even became the Cheonha Master. He joined the Yeongam-gun Folk Ssireum Troupe and added two gold medals this year.

Above all, Kim Min-jae surpassed the friends who were ahead of him during his high school days. In a recent interview with CBS No Cut News, Min-jae Kim said, “During my junior year at Yeosu Technical High School, I won 3 championships, 1 runner-up, and 6 bronze medals.”

Choi Seong-min, a native of Taean High School, showed off his potential enough to win runner-up in the 2020 Cheonha Jangsa competition when he was in his third year. Choi Seong-min, who went into the unemployment stage immediately after graduating from high school, proved that he is a super rookie by winning Baekdu 4 times.

Because of this, Kim Min-jae chose to go to college instead of going into unemployment. Kim Min-jae hinted, “I wasn’t even number one in high school, and I thought I was still lacking, so I made a plan to go to work after training a little more in college.”

Three years later, things have changed now. Choi Seong-min is also showing off his skills, but Kim Min-jae’s momentum is more frightening. Regarding the first best friend match in a folklore contest ahead of the Mungyeong competition, Kim Min-jae revealed his confidence, saying, “I’m close to Seong-min, so we talk a lot, and he says, ‘If we meet in the finals, let’s really have fun.'”

In the face-to-face confrontation that really took place, Min-jae Kim beat his friend and rose to the top. Kim Min-jae seemed nervous and gave away the first round by accumulating warnings, but returned the game to the starting point with the second round of snatching. Kim Min-jae, who gained momentum, took the lead with an ankle brace in the third edition and confirmed the bull trophy as a field keeper in the fourth edition.

After the game, Kim Min-jae told CBS No Cut News, “Even during the finals with Sung-min, I had fun playing the game, saying, ‘Why don’t you go over like this?'” Then, in response to a somewhat mischievous question, “Are you ahead of your friends now?”, he proudly replied, “I will have a lot of confrontations over the next 10 years or more,” and “From now on, it’s a real game.”

Kim Min-jae and Choi Seong-min have now risen to the same 4 times. Kim Min-jae took the title of Cheonhajangsa No. 1 and Baekdujangsa No. 3, and Choi Seong-min won only Baekdu Jangsa No. 4 titles.

Above all, Kim Min-jae ran an undefeated victory streak despite his poor body. Yeongam-gun Folk Ssireumdan coach Kim Ki-tae said, “Actually, a week before the New Year’s Day tournament, Min-jae suffered a partial tear in his ankle ligament, but he endured and won the championship.” 메이저사이트

On this day, Kim Min-jae won two gold medals in the team event. Yeongam County Folk Ssireum Team (Jeollanam-do) defeated the new team MG Saemaeul Geumgo Ssireum Team (Chungcheongnam-do) 4-2 in the team event (4 wins from 7 matches, 2 wins from individual 3 matches) to win the championship.

In the Yeongam-gun Folk Ssireum Team, Choi Seong-hwan won the championship in the Halla Jangsa (under 105kg) match the previous day. In the Geumgang class (under 90kg), Choi Jeong-man was runner-up behind Kim Tae-ha (Yeonsu-gu Office).

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