Tommy Pham frantic toward Kim Ha-seong, personality problem? Cold winter for 2 consecutive years

Major League (MLB) outfielder Tommy Pham (35) is a player familiar to Korean baseball fans. Oh Seung-hwan (Samsung Lions) was a teammate in the 2016-2017 season when he played for the St. Louis Cardinals, and Choi Ji-man, who was wearing a Tampa Bay Rays uniform in the 2018-2019 season, also ate rice. In 2021 he played with Ha-Sung Kim.

He is a hitter who recorded only 20 homers four times in a single season. He is a punchy outfielder. However, in an instant, domestic baseball fans had a hateful hair.

Going back to the Chicago Cubs game in San Diego on June 3, 2021 (Korean time). At the time, Kim Ha-seong was the shortstop and Pam was the left fielder. At the end of the 4th inning, the call play did not work properly in the process of dealing with the opposing batter PJ Higgins’ pop fly, and the two players collided. Missed the ball too. Ha-seong Kim, who got up right away, made a follow-up play, anticipating a catch and contributing to catching two runners who did not advance. However, he soon fell back to the ground and headed for the dugout with the trainer’s support.

The problem is the next scene. Through the relay, Pam was seen getting nervous in the dugout. He said it was the ball he had to catch. In fact, it seemed desirable for outfielder Pam to catch the ball, not infielder Kim Ha-seong. However, even in the preceding situation, in the process of dealing with the missed ball, Pam wandered around as if taking a walk and gave it up. There is also a point of view that Kim Ha-seong made a bold play considering this point.

However, Pam was mad at her teammates and had an argument with the main base coach, Bobby Dickerson, who stopped them. After the game, American sports fans criticized the farm’s attitude rather than Kim Ha-sung’s batted ball judgment. Some netizens commented, “Pam always seems angry” and “This is the third time I’ve seen him get angry with a colleague.” 헤라카지노

When Ha-seong Kim hit a good ball or stepped on the groove, the farm was often seen high-fiving or rejoicing together. His personality cannot be improved with only a few scenes, but it is clear that he is a player who is not good at controlling his emotions.

Is it because of the lack of teamwork? After the end of the 2021 season, Farm, who qualified as a free agent (FA), did not find a team until just before the start of the 2022 season. He tried to come back to Tampa Bay, but failed. He wore a Cincinnati Reds uniform under a 1+1 year contract, but was traded back to the Boston Red Sox in August.

It’s cold this winter too. Boston gave up on executing the mutual option, and Pham received a buyout of $1.5 million and returned to free agency. As of the 17th, the destination could not be found. There have been reports that the New York Mets, looking for outfield reinforcements, are monitoring him, but no official announcement has yet been made. mentioned Farm, paying attention to the remaining 7 veteran free agents in the market. At the age of 35, he recorded a batting average of 0.238 in the 2022 season, mentioning his sluggishness, his unique rough tendency, and even the situation where he became a Journeyman. said, “He is still a player who can hit well and advance well,” but even if a team signs a contract, he will leave for another team around this time next year.

He introduced 7 free agents under the title of ‘I hope he gets another chance’, but when it came to the farm, it was actually an article that criticized his sportsmanship.

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