‘Total 100 million FA’ Lee Myung-gi chose Baek Ui-jong… Will Kwon Hee-dong have a chance?

“The contract period with Lee Myung-gi is 1 year, up to 100 million won, free agent contract signed and traded at the same time.”

On the morning of the 14th, NC Dinos announced a 2:2 trade with Hanwha, including the right to name, and also disclosed the terms of Lee Myung-gi’s FA contract. Lee Myung-gi, who was in a crisis of missing FA, found the answer with ‘a total of 100 million won’. And that’s just $500,000 in insurance. The incentive conditions are not known, but even if all of them are met, 100 million won is far less than last year’s annual salary.

He is in fact a Baek Ui-jong. First of all, he set the extension of his active duty as his top priority and almost gave up his ransom. Even so, I was able to transfer only in mid-February. This is the cold reality Lee Myung-gi faces.

Lee Myung-gi received an annual salary of 240 million won in 2020 and 270 million won in 2021, but experienced a significant cut to 175 million won last year. It was the aftermath of the so-called ‘hotel drinking wave’ that included Hee-dong Kwon, Min-woo Park, and Seok-min Park.

Sex was also disappointing. This is the biggest reason for not getting attention in the FA market. Other clubs saw the decline more than the previous performance of a career batting average of 0.307 and the advantage of being a C grade. Lee Myung-gi’s batting average has steadily fallen from 0.306 in 2020 to 0.293 in 2021 and 0.260 last year.

Still, he found an agreement with Hanwha while reducing his annual salary drastically, in fact, to the level of a released player. Since then, as Hanwha pushed for a catcher trade, negotiations with NC were also possible. Hanwha general manager Son Hyuk said after the trade, “Lee Myung-gi was a player who had a 30% batting average throughout his career, and coach Carlos Subero was also satisfied, saying that he was impressed by his appearance as NC’s second hitter in the 2021 season.” 메이저놀이터

NC had already opened the sign-and-trade door for Lee Myung-ki and Kwon Hee-dong since December of last year. However, while Lee Myung-gi was looking for a place to go first, Kwon Hee-dong, whose positions overlap, was put in a more disadvantageous situation than before.

First of all, the NC side said, “There was no official request for a sign and trade for Kwon Hee-dong.” How can Hee-dong Kwon find a solution?

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