Tottenham’s 6-year-old winger’s ‘unrequited love’…”EPL-Middle East offer rejected”

Tottenham Hotspur’s Lucas Moura

is set to stay until June.

Moura is already in his sixth year at Tottenham. Moura, who has unique breakthrough power and individual skills, joined Tottenham in 2018 after going to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). After that, he was used as a right winger under manager Mauricio Pochettino and showed off his skills. In particular, in the match against Ajax in the second leg of the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) in the 2018-19 season, he scored a hat-trick with a dramatic final goal in extra time in the second half, leading the team to its first ever final.

However, under manager Antonio Conte, he failed to play as a starting pitcher. In his last season, he appeared mostly as a substitute, but this season, due to an early-season injury, he was completely excluded from Conte’s plans. Conte envisioned five strikers before the start of the season, and Moura, one of them, left early and was used as a replacement for Brian Hill.

Now, it is safe to say that his position in Tottenham has completely disappeared. Conte was asked about Moura’s future at a recent press conference and responded, “It’s the club’s decision regarding Moura. Of course, this season is tough for Moura, and so are we. I plan this season. “I put Moura in the plan when I played, but he’s only been playing in one or two games this season. I will respect the club’s decision about Moura.”

Director Conte’s words are equivalent to saying that Moura has been virtually excluded. It is interpreted that he tried to use Moura, but Tottenham decided not to extend the contract with Moura. Tottenham are planning to let Moura go, and manager Conte is not putting a lot of fuss.

Moura is said to have received several offers in the transfer market this winter. Reporter Alesdair Gold of British media ‘Football London’ said, “Tottenham Hotspur striker Lucas Moura has recently received offers from clubs in the Premier League and Qatar. But Moura did not want to leave and remained until June as a free agent. He said he would be leaving the team.” 메이저사이트

It is a difficult situation for Tottenham. Since Moura was virtually excluded from the power, from a purely Tottenham club point of view, he should have been sold during the transfer market this winter even to receive Moura’s transfer fee. But Moura chose to stay at Tottenham. Tottenham have no intention of renewing the contract, but Moura simply wanted to stay with the team. In the end, both the Tottenham club and Moura have no choice but to come to free contract status in June, an unwanted ending.

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