Victory in 2 months’ Director Kim Do-gyun “Lee Seung-woo, as expected, has to touch the ball a lot… Lars is 120%”

Coach Do-gyun Kim, who leads Suwon FC, praised Lass and Lee Seung-woo, who led the team to victory in about two months.

Suwon FC held on the 5th at Suwon World Cup Stadium in the 25th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ against Suwon Samsung and the 14th ‘Suwon Derby’ in the 26th minute of the first half. put on and won 2-0.

In the ‘Suwon Derby’ in front of 17,481 spectators, Suwon FC took the lead with Lars’ header from a corner kick in the 26th minute of the first half.

With the victory on this day, Suwon FC, which is in 10th place in the league, has tasted victory in about two months, breaking the recent 8 match winless streak. By increasing their points to 23 (6 wins, 5 draws, 14 losses), they succeeded in overcoming the pursuit of 11th place Suwon Samsung (4 wins, 6 draws, 15 losses, 18 points).

Coach Kim, who attended the press conference after the game, said, “The members of Suwon FC had a difficult and difficult time for a long time, but they showed their fighting spirit in today’s game.” I do,” he said.

He added, “While maintaining the rest period, I saw the players’ training attitude and preparation, and I thought they would show a better figure in the future, and that appearance appeared well on the playground.”

He also said, “Even when there were still difficulties, I told the players that it was a process and that they should always prepare and improve, and I am glad that the conversation with those players went well.”

Coach Kim, who couldn’t hide his joy after winning in about two months, immediately said, “I will prepare well because I have to continue competing in the relegation zone.”

Coach Kim couldn’t help but praise Lars and Lee Seung-woo, who scored that day. In particular, Lars scored in his first start since being excluded from the list due to a training attitude problem in the 24th round of the league match against Gwangju FC on the 22nd of last month, so coach Kim’s feelings were extraordinary.

Regarding Lars, manager Kim praised, “Ras was in good condition, and during the break period, he showed the appearance of completely revealing the issues he had on the pitch. He did 120% until his legs got cramped.”

Lars, who showed good form throughout the game, sat down during the second half of the 40th minute, grabbed his left thigh, complained of pain, and was immediately replaced and left the field.

Regarding Lee Seung-woo, “Lee Seung-woo is also a player who needs to play with the ball a lot to show his own play.”

He added, “I feel that he has improved a lot from the beginning of the season.”

As one of the factors to win the ‘Suwon Derby’, coach Kim cited the blockade of Kazuki, the key player in Suwon Samsung’s midfield. “I think Kazuki is the starting point of all (Suwon Samsung) attacks,” he explained.먹튀검증

He also said, “I think Kazuki was not able to see well because there was a scene that prevented him from making a good pass,” and “I think the defense was well organized.”

On the other hand, with the victory on this day, Suwon FC decorated with three victories in the ‘Suwon Derby’ this season. In the home match held in March, they won 2-1, and in June, they also showed off their strong side by winning 2-1 in the away game to Suwon Samsung.

When asked about the secret to becoming stronger when meeting Suwon Samsung, coach Kim laughed and said, “I don’t know. I think Las is the key.”

At the same time, he said, “Suwon Samsung seems to have a lot of pressure on Las,” he said.

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