What is the success story of ‘half-year rental’ → Chapman transferred to CHC in 2016

The major league summer trade market is wide open. With the transfer of Shohei Otani (29) being discussed, who is the best in the so-called ‘half-year rental’ in the trade market?

Aroldis Chapman (35, Texas Rangers) will be cited as the best example of a recent half-year rental happy ending. This is Chapman’s transfer in the summer of 2016.

At the time, Chapman played for the New York Yankees before transferring to the Chicago Cubs at the end of July. At this time, Glaber Torres wore a New York Yankees uniform.

This trade was carried out by the Chicago Cubs in order to win their first World Series championship in 108 years since 1908. The result was the Chicago Cubs win. It ended with great success.

Chapman pitched 31 1/3 innings in 31 games for the New York Yankees before the trade, with 20 saves and a 2.01 ERA. 44 strikeouts.

Following this, Chapman threw 26 2/3 innings in 28 games wearing a Chicago Cubs uniform, flying with 16 saves and an ERA of 1.01. His strikeouts increased to 46.

After that, Chapman’s World Series form was not good. Although he became the winning pitcher in the final Game 7, he recorded a blown save.

However, Chapman made an impressive appearance in Game 5, where he was behind with 1 win and 3 losses, setting the stage for a turnaround with 2 2/3 innings scoreless and 4 strikeouts.

It’s hard to pinpoint how much Chapman’s share in the Chicago Cubs’ championship at the time was clear. He was dominant in the regular season, but fell short in the postseason.

But the Chicago Cubs brought in a big-name closer in the summer transfer window and won. Accordingly, the Chicago Cubs’ recruitment of Chapman is evaluated as a great success.메이저놀이터

Most recently last summer 2021. Take the example of the Atlanta Braves, who won after acquiring four fielders after Ronald Acuna Jr. was out for the season.

About 15 days left in the major league summer transfer market. Several teams looking to make it to the postseason will try to trade. Ohtani could also be a target.

While each of them will pursue a trade with the goal of winning the World Series, attention is focusing on which team will be the final winner.

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