“Why is game making only ‘Umtti’?” Director Woo-Beom Choi

Brion failed to surpass Hanwha Life Esports, which ranked first in the Eastern League, and sat down in the Eastern Region. With this loss, 7th place Brion widened the gap with 6th place Hanwha Life Esports. The results were disappointing, but the content was meaningful. Brion fought against Hanwha Life Esports until the 3rd set, and in the 2nd set, the team’s top laner ‘Morgan’ was active, and many positive factors were found.

The following is an interview after the game with Brion coach Choi Woo-beom, ‘Umti’.

Q. How would you rate the game today?

Choi Woo-beom: It’s a pity. It’s a pity that I lost in a similar way to the first round.

Q. What did Brion do well and regret in today’s game?

Choi Woo-beom: It’s a pity that teamfights and baron details, which were pointed out as problems during scrims, aren’t very good in today’s match. Still, Hanwha Life Esports is a strong team, but it is positive that they did well in the second set and won. And it’s a pity that it was difficult from the beginning of the line match in a game where we chose to go head-to-head.

Q. How did Umti feel about today’s match?

Umti: Game-wise, the second set was fine. However, the 3rd set is very disappointing. It’s disappointing to use Flash Goong on the bottom line.

Q. After the game, I saw coach Choi Woo-beom and ‘Umti’ having a conversation on the screen. what kind of conversation did you have?

Choi Woo-bum:He talked about how difficult the composition of the line match was. Other parts can also be disappointing, but it is especially disappointing to fall behind from the laning match.

Q. I understand that Brion’s goal is the playoffs. What needs to be addressed urgently to achieve the goal?

Choi Woo-beom: Currently, the only player on our team who makes the game is ‘Umti’. If you don’t fix that part, you won’t be able to go up. Top, mid, and bottom all try a lot during practice, but less and less in competition. I hope the players fix that part quickly.

Q. How do you feel that you are the only one doing the making in the game?

Umti: I can’t deny it, but I don’t think all the players are working hard and it’s not that they don’t intentionally stop making. So there is nothing special to say about this. 슬롯사이트

Q. Lastly, is there anything you would like to say about the upcoming DRX match?

Choi Woo-beom: We are winning against teams that are lower than us and losing to teams that are higher than us. I want to win a Western team, but it’s a pity that I couldn’t, and I need to prepare well for the next DRX match. Still, I am always grateful that the players are following me well.

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