Will ‘Korean Jose’ be born again? Desperate reflection of a 20-year-old rookie who gained 4 kg of muscle

“Last winter, I grew muscle. I gained 4 kg in weight.”

Lotte Giants Jo Se-jin (20) is aiming to transform into a real giant.

Last year, expectations for Jo Se-jin were hot. This is because a national emergency outfield prospect came in when the outfield was already empty. Contrary to his youthful face, his strong shoulders and clean swing stood out as a pitcher.

It was the first year of his debut that he started with enthusiasm by putting his name on his opening entry, but there were regrets left. Cho Se-jin played in 39 games and recorded a batting average of 108.6 (16 hits in 86 at-bats). After the first half, he seldom got a chance to play.

He’s tougher this year. Koh Seung-min, Hwang Seong-bin, and Jack Rex are expected to secure one spot each. This is the reason why the Lotte club promoted Jo Se-jin’s enlistment as a managing director, saying, “There is no place to play.” 슬롯사이트

In a phone call with Sports Chosun, Jo Se-jin expressed regret, saying, “No matter how rookie I am, the records and content were really bad.

Still, he proved his potential in the Futures League. His performance for the Futures was a batting average of 3.5 1. OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.973. In September against KT Wiz’s 2nd team, he hit 3 home runs in a row. He raised his expectations ahead of Sangmu enlistment with Han Tae-yang in May.

“It worked out well in the 2nd Army. Because of the experience I gained last year, I have grown mentally and physically this year. I will be enlisting in the army in May.

He changed his shirt number from 16 to 63. It is because of the request of Han Hyun-hee, a senior who transferred to FA. Recently, Choo Shin-soo (SSG Landers) and Chae Eun-seong (Hanwha Eagles) have become a hot topic by giving a large gift to a colleague who gave up his uniform number. Jo Se-jin laughed, saying, “I don’t want anything. I’m going to the army anyway. One meal is enough.”

Despite the sluggishness in the regular season, he was praised again during the finish camp. Lotte coaches, including head coach Park Heung-sik, raised their thumbs, saying, “He is a player who is really expected to come 2-3 years later. It is okay to say that he is different from the cotyledon.”

I gained more muscle mass this winter. Jo Se-jin expressed pride, saying, “I gained 4 kg in weight. I focused on bulking up, but it seems to have been successful.” He explained that he felt unsatisfied with the power to respond to the fastballs of first-team pitchers, and that he needed physical strength to endure the full season. He emphasized, “If I adapt well to this weight, I think I will be able to produce good results in Sangmu.”

During his high school days, he was nicknamed ‘Sacrifice’. Among Lotte fans, there is a joke called ‘Jose Jin’ in anticipation of the birth of a native giant. It reminds me of Jose, the ‘Black Seagull’.

“Last year, I had a lot of expectations, but I couldn’t live up to them. I want to show a different side of me this year.”

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