‘Worst design’ criticism…Chelsea considers ending sponsorship with ‘3’

Chelsea are considering ending their sponsorship with the main sponsor ‘3’.

The British media ‘Telegraph’ reported that “Chelsea is looking for another sponsor to replace the existing three sponsors and wants to sign a bigger contract than the current one.”

3 is a mobile operator network brand based in several countries, including the UK, Sweden and Indonesia. He joined Chelsea in 2020. At the time, sponsorship was signed at an amount of 40 million pounds (approximately 60.3 billion won) a year, and the sponsor logo was engraved in the center of Chelsea’s uniform following Yokohama tires.

It was criticized for its design. The dominant evaluation was that the shape of the ‘3’, the sponsor’s logo, did not match the Chelsea uniform. Some angry Chelsea fans even demanded a change in the club’s sponsorship last season. It was a problem that could not be easily overlooked because the uniform has a great influence on the commercial revenue of the club and the shape of the sponsor’s logo has a great influence on the sales performance of such uniforms.

Of course, Chelsea considering a sponsorship swap this time around isn’t a matter of design. It is to sign a larger contract with another sponsor.

Chelsea invested an astronomical amount through two transfer windows. Enzo Fernandez and Mihailo Mudrik invested record-breaking transfers several times, and spent a total of 900 billion won. 토토사이트

As the first step to make up for this, we thought of changing sponsorships. British media ‘The Sun’ said, “The owner of Todd Boelli spent a huge amount of money during the transfer market. Now their goal is to keep financial regulations in check, and they hope to cover the funds through a larger sponsorship contract than now. They are confident,” he reported.

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