Yeeun Kim, Minju Baek, and Hyunji Yong. One out of three eliminated – SK World Championship

Kim Ye-eun, Baek Min-joo, and Yong Hyeon-ji are representatives of the MZ generation of LPBA along with Kim Bo-mi. All three players are hitting a more advanced shot this season, so they are the powerful dark horses of the King of Kings (SK World Championship) starting on the 2nd.

But at least one of them has to sit down in the round of 32 league. 온라인바카라

This is because she was drawn into Group H’s ‘Group of Death’ with the talented Japanese Namiko Hatashi. No matter how good their skills are, only two players can make it to the round of 16 because it is a fight to determine the first and second place through a full-league match in a group of four.

Two of the young guns blowing fresh air into the LPBA could be eliminated if Namiko Hayashi shows her strength.

Kim Ye-eun, the youngest ever champion. Having already won the championship twice, they knocked on top this season in a row, but regrettably lost and stayed in runner-up both times.

In the finals of the NH and Wellbang competitions in January, she lost to Gayoung Kim and Jungsook Lim, missing the third championship. However, with the unstoppable shot inherited from Kudron, he showed off his advanced skills.

Baek Min-joo is the number one LPBA power shot. He has no championships yet, but he has the skills to win any time.

The High1 Championship last December was his first opportunity to win. After defeating the mighty Kim Ga-young 3-0 in the semi-finals, he faced Higashiuchi, who was not so difficult, but lost 1-4 and stayed in the runner-up.

Minjoo Baek also advanced to the quarterfinals of the crown competition in February and showed a steady appearance.

Yong Hyun-ji’s finals were quite good. The TS shampoo competition in September 21 is the last. After beating Baek Min-joo and reaching the finals, he expected the birth of the youngest champion, but he knelt down to Kim Se-yeon.

Yong Hyun-ji has been slowing down for a while since then, but he is hitting shots that have matured recently. In the team league, she performed better than Lee Mi-rae. It’s a time when the feeling of the shot is very high, so it’s worth a try.

Kim Ye-eun, Baek Min-joo, and Yong Hyeon-ji in their 20s with a sense of shot. Because they met in the preliminaries league, at least one person, at most two people, had to defeat the will of going to the round of 16.

Kim Ye-eun and Yong Hyun-ji face off in the first game on the 3rd. You have to win this fight first. Baek Min-joo fights against Hayashi in the first round.

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